About GNSR

Games and Software Requirements (GNSR) is a dedicated blog for sharing Computer specifications for Games and Software.

Our story

Games and Software Requirements (GNSR) is running by a group of hardcore Gamers. As we all know, the technology is changing dramatically, and we are jumping to one state from another the Computer you are using may or may not getting upgrade very often. As we are freak about Gaming, we often look for a reliable guideline that provides information about the required hardware and software we need to play any specific Game. It is also true for professionals who use different software for productivity and regular tasks.  We observed that there is no dedicated source offering only System Requirments for Games and Software and here you are. Games and Software Requirements is the only dedicated source stands as a proper solution. 

Need to know more???

  • We are a gaming community, mostly a few friends, and mates
  • Love to play different tiles 
  • Often discuss about what system run a game better